May 31, June 1 & 2 2024

May 31, June 1 & 2 2024

Bas van Kranen

Bas van Kranen is the executive chef of Restaurant Flore** at Hotel De L’Europe in Amsterdam. He and his team have redefined their culinary identity with a focus on ‘conscious fine dining’ – a sustainable and pure approach to cooking. Under the leadership of chef Bas van Kranen, De L’Europe Amsterdam has undergone a remarkable transformation with the launch of Restaurant Flore**, a restaurant that not only marks a break with the past but also represents a progressive course towards ‘conscious fine dining’ and a natural approach to cooking. Van Kranen’s vision led to an exploration of new cooking techniques and flavor profiles, challenging the team to be even more creative and daring. With an extensive menu concept consisting of small, creative dishes, Flore’s kitchen combines Dutch ingredients with the purity and refinement of Japanese culinary techniques, with a strong emphasis on seasonality and respect for the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Previously, Bas was head chef at Restaurant De Leuf before becoming executive chef at Restaurant Bord’Eau in 2018. Bas van Kranen is recognized for his contributions to sustainable gastronomy and has achieved two Michelin stars plus a green Michelin star for Restaurant Flore. In the 2024 Gault & Millau election, Restaurant Flore was voted vegetable restaurant of the year.

In other words, Bas and his team offer a unique culinary experience that we want to share with you during Bite of Amsterdam!

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