May 31, June 1 & 2 2024

May 31, June 1 & 2 2024


BAUT is a name synonymous with adventure and culinary discoveries. It started as a temporary concept but grew into a journey of seven different locations over eight years. From hidden gems to bustling hotspots, BAUT has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts with its unique concept and unparalleled hospitality. Additionally, BAUT is a welcomed guest at festivals such as the Winter Wonderland and the Terrace Festival, where it showcases its culinary skills to a broader audience.

Now, after this journey full of surprises, BAUT East has returned to where it all began – the lively Wibautstraat. But the story of BAUT doesn’t end here. In 2024, BAUT Backstage opened its doors above the Ziggo Dome, a new destination for food enthusiasts and music lovers. With its signature motto ‘underpromise & overdeliver’, BAUT remains true to its promise to surprise and pamper every guest with an unforgettable culinary experience.


BAUT Oost: Wibautstraat 125, 1091 GL Amsterdam

Bar BAUT: Stadionweg 320, 1076 PK Amsterdam

Ready to
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Your BITE ticket includes:

• Access to the festival grounds
• 100+ participating restaurants, chefs, bars, and brands
• Cooking classes at the Cooking School
• Tastings
• Various workshops and tastings at the Workshop pavilion

BITE of Amsterdam is your culinary highlight this year!